Molly Morgan Black 


Laura is an exceptional person to work with. When Life.io hired Laura full time, her first project was to design the prototype for a new financial wellness app under an extremely tight deadline and she knocked it out of the park—delivering a visually clean, user-friendly, intuitive mobile experience.

As her manager, I am continually impressed with her eagerness and capacity to learn new concepts, methodologies, and tools, to take direction easily and work independently under that direction, and to turn in well-considered, high-quality creative work. In the past year, Laura has been mastering the key concepts of front-end code, the principals of component-driven design, and how to design for accessibility (color blindness, screen-readers, and keyboard navigation), as well as deepening her proficiency with Sketch and InVision.

What must also be said, is that Laura is simply a wonderful person to know and have on the team. She brings positive energy and enthusiasm to every call, ideation session, and project. She is always ready to pitch in, go the extra mile, and support her teammates. She is an excellent communicator, bringing both kindness and directness into every conversation. It is a joy to work with her on a daily basis.


Jon Cooper


About six months into Laura's tenure, our senior lead UX Designer left the company. We were so pleased with Laura's work that we offered her a full-time position as our lead UX and Product designer. Since transitioning into that role, Laura has continued to grow as a designer and to successfully take on more complex assignments, ranging from modernizing our brand and color palette to designing our mobile app and financial wellbeing module, to completely rethinking our user flow. 

In addition to Laura's outstanding design work, she has been an absolute pleasure to work with. Laura is the type of person who brings energy and fun into every conversation. Her positive and open-minded attitude, along with her eagerness to take on new challenges, really sets her apart.


Gabrielle DeWitt


I had the opportunity to work with Laura at Life.io and was impressed with her performance from day 1. Laura approached every task she was given with enthusiasm, thoughtfulness and a dedication to quality. She paid special attention the the design standards already established at Life.io and was able to follow and build on them. As a remote employee, Laura was able to manage her time very well, and strike a balance between individual contributions and expanding her skills in html and css. Laura faced some unique challenges at Life.io as many senior members of the design team transitioned out of the organization. Laura handled this challenge gracefully and stepped up to take on an increased level of responsibility. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Laura again, and I know she will be a valuable addition to the next team she chooses to join.